Tescon Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer NTCD40AU

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TESCOM released the first negative icons hair dryer in Japan. We'll help you to style your beautiful hair better. We developed negative ions first and used this technology for hair dryer, hair icon and curl dryer. Negative ions protect your hair from static electricity and give you glossy and moisturised hair. 


- High power of 1600W

- Double energy Ions

2 top outlets emit negative ions (double energy icons)

- Triangle Negative Ions: 

Negative ions come out from 4 outlets which from triangle.

- Scalp care for a healthy scalp

- Colour protection for up to 3 weeks

- UV protection from blow dry




Benefits: Healthy & moisturised hair
Power : 1600W
Compact : Foldable design
Type : corded
Air Flow: 1.4m3/min
Weight: 680g (concentrator attached)