JOYOUNG IH Induction CL01 九陽火鍋電磁爐

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Ho-ho-hot hot pot! Double flavour, double the happiness, also when you don't want to make compromises with your mate who can't eat any spice.

The cooking pot has a divider to meet different taste requirements. Advanced IH electromagnetic technology, 300w-2100w power, even heat, fast cooking time. Stepless knob controls the firepower, easy to operate. Safety design, the induction cooker will not heat when the pot is not placed on the induction cooker. When the temperature is too high, the induction cooker will automatically heat intermittently or stop heating. The cooking pot can be compatible with other pots to sit on top.





Product detail

  • Rated Power:300W - 2100W
  • Rated Voltage:220V-240V
  • Rated Frequency:50Hz - 60Hz
  • Product Size: Diameter: 28cm, Depth: 7.5cm