JOYOUNG Soymilk Maker DJ13S-P90 九陽豆漿機

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-  LED Display, circular design, cute and simple

- Borosilicate glass body, 304 stainless steel heating base, food-grade material, healthy and  durable

- 1.5L capacity, 60S power-off memory function

- Accessories: Stew pot components, Egg rack and Tea filter

Multifunctional health pot, can boil water, stew soup, cook porridge, make tea, herbal, egg, milk etc



- 玻璃觸摸面版

- 雙層壺體隔熱防燙

- 內層高硼硅玻璃可耐150度溫差

- 1.5L大容量

- 604鋼茶籃

-24小時預約, 12小時保溫

-1200W 大功率加熱色速度快



Product detail:

  • Rated Capacity:1.5L
  • Rated Power:1100W
  • Rated Voltage:220V-240V
  • Rated Frequency:50Hz
  • Gross Weight:2.3kg
  • Colour: Hazelnet
  • Caraon Size:352mmx234mmx241mm