HITACHI 638L 4 Door French Door Fridge RWB640VT0

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Vacuum-sealed for Food Freshness 

Vacuum Compartment

The secret to longer-lasting freshness is reduced oxygen levels. Hitachi’s original vacuum preservation extracts air to maintain approx. 0.8 atm (atmospheric pressure). The meat, fish and dairy products are kept fresh and nutritious, and ready to cook without defrosting.

Nutrition Retention

Stay healthy. A vacuumed environment prevents oxidisation and retains nutrients inside the food.

Freshness Preservation

Excellent freshness preservation with Hitachi technology for keeping food fresh

Flavour Preservation

Excellent preservation of original flavour and texture, by minimising the drips while keeping them fresh without getting frozen and hydrated without the need for troublesome wrapping. 

Quick Seasoning

Quick seasoning is made possible because the compartment removes air from stored food, enabling seasoning to be absorbed at a faster rate. So, with less time required for seasoning and cooking, such as for marinated seasoning or dehydrating the dried items, there’s more time for eating!

General Features

  • Vacuum Insulation Panel
  • Dual Sensing Control (with Eco Thermo-Sensor)
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Triple Power Filter
  • Door Alarm

Colour: Black Glass(GBK) GBK  or Mauve Grey(GMG) Mauve 


Series French Bottom Freezer
Door 4 Door
Gross Capacity (L)
  • Total: 638L
  • Freezer: 243L
  • Refrigerator: 395L 

Width: 900mm

Height: 1840mm

Depth: 720mm

Cooling System INVERTER x Dual Fan Cooling
Vacuum Compartment  (-1/+1℃) (5.8L)
Vegetable Compartment  Smart-open Veg. Compartment
Freezer Compartment
  • Automatic Ice Maker
  • Quick Freezing
  • Drawers (4)
  • Slide Tray (2)
  • 5 Years Manufacture Warranty
  • 10 Years Parts Warranty